Monday, August 24, 2009

The unexpected in the everyday

I am not a writer, have never claimed to be, and yet I am being asked to journal my thoughts. Not in a journal for my eyes only, but for who God chooses.

So I write.

My days have been up and down, nothing spectacular. Little issues add up and I fall down on my knees as if the world is falling apart. Then I am reminded that HE is there in the little things and I have just forgotten to seek HIM there each time.

What I so habitually put into the ordinary parts of life, GOD makes them extraordinary. The way a child looks with wonder as a leaf blows and twirls with the wind. The beauty of a sunrise, and sunset. The clanging of the flag pole in the wind, sweet music if you listen with child like ears. And yet, we wake with worry and regret on our heart and minds instead of thankfulness at another chance to bring GOD's love into our hearts and begin a new relationship with HIM.

I am speaking for myself of course. My focus has been on what I do not have and this morning I have be overwhelmed with the beauty of what I do have. The beauty of life gets lost when I focus on the what the world has to offer me; or not offer me for that matter.

I was reminded that only true happiness, and contentment comes from the ONE who has created everything.

Today, I will look for the unexpected in the everyday and find my joy in HIM who is hidden in the ordinary, as long as I remember to see with the eyes of a child.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

walking in darkness

I watched an episode of Touched by an Angel the other night, the one where Tess gets Alzheimer's, and it was able to put to words what I am feeling...

At the end of the show,Tess comes out of the fog and is herself again but the last words she speaks are to an elderly woman who suffers the same thing..."though you are walking in darkness, your soul knows HIS voice and there is light at the end of this tunnel, I speak to your soul...keep listening to HIS voice, HE is always there."

I currently feel like I am in a tunnel, not sure where God is leading me, trying to be still and listen and at the same time, keep moving forward toward the light that I know is there at the end.

We went to the North Shore of Lake Superior for some much needed time away. I was hoping for a complete renewal of spirit when we returned, however the result was less than what I had hoped for. I am still tired, physically, emotionally and am needing some serious spiritual uplifting! This must be the dark night of the soul, should really finish that book...

However, my soul knows that God has not left me or forsaken me!! He is in the clouds; always a pillar before me, leading the way.

So my friends, if you feel like you are in the dark, know the storm will pass and life begins anew and fresh in the morning sun!