Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crossing over the Jordon

It is good to be back writing, thanks to Bonnie for giving the prompt "Journey"

I haven't written in over a year.

After this post, my heart was laid bare and a deep healing began. I was able to connect words to page only a few times...and then so much swirling of emotions, truths, lies and upheavals just bogged me down. I prayed that God would honor my thoughts and keep them safe for me. And He has.

Over the next few weeks, I will be processing and reliving the past year. Simply, I  hope to bring my journey to it's next destination.

It was through Bonnie's prompts that I was able to speak and it is through those same ones that I am trusting my voice again.  So, here goes...

No matter where you look in the Bible there is someone going on a journey.

And we are no different. 

"Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River in to the land I am about to give them." Joshua 1:2

Four years, four long winters, we spent in Minnesota. And by the Grace of God alone, He lead us back to Texas. It maybe a stretch, but I felt like we were finally coming out of the wilderness and getting to cross the Jordan River into the promised land!! I could the almost feel the excitement of the Israelites..the Promised Land! Expect I totally forgot about the inhabitants and the battles that needed to be fought! Make no mistake, our lives, today, parallel those in the is one of the reasons it is called the LIVING WORD!

The day my husband left Minnesota to drive to Texas to start his new job, it snowed. It was May. I still had six weeks with the kids as they finished up the school year. I had already had my fill of this winter. But...

I had starting thinking and reading about the journey across the Jordan AND how the Reubenites, the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh got to stay and find rest. REST would be good. Can I be honest and say that I was actually wondering if it was a good idea to be leaving Minnesota?!

We were just starting to make connections, did I mention it had been four years, and I was sure that I could have started working at the church we had begun attending. Was I up for more battling and pulling and shedding of old habits...more wilderness work? I started imagining what the wives of the various tribes of Israel were feeling.

The ones that got to "find rest" were excited, at first, to finally stay put and make a home. Then the realization that their men still had to go into battle came over them. It was a difficult time. The other wives were probably jealous at first, then realized they got to stay with their men, even though there was battling ahead. It was a difficult time.

The ultimate decision to move back to Texas was a difficult one and it has been a difficult time with some restful times thrown in. The battles are real. For each one, God has been cutting the size of the troops down. We are currently at our Jericho.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. I will never leave you or forsake you. Only be strong and courageous. Joshua 1

This is our promise, no matter where your journey leads you...He will never leave us or forsake us! If only, we would remember that more often...