Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moving On

Life has been about the same; unpacking boxes, visiting with family, trying to have fun and feel normal in between.

There are moments of sadness though has you find yourself settling into your new surroundings; moments of remembrance of what once was.

This moments are happening more often now and I am catching myself longing for the familiar past and yet still wanting to look forward to what is next...emotions are strange things. So I sit and let a tear or two run down my cheek and pray for those whose lives have so dramatically been changed by the lost of life partners, children, siblings and "moving on" must be so much harder for them.

I give to HIM what I cannot fix and what I do not understand; and I sit with HIM and watch and wait...and let the smiles and tears join together in remembrance and hope, knowing that all is well when I sit with HIM.

To all my friends in Texas, I miss you terribly!! I know, that I know there is a place for me here and it will not be long before it is please stay in prayer with me, I am very excited as to what the good Lord has planned!

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