Thursday, July 2, 2009


What a funny word, HOME, there are so many little sayings that go with it. I have been pondering what home is for a few days and have some thoughts I would like to share.

First, though I would like to say Hi, it has been a while since I sat and wrote. Too many boxes to unpack, but I am making head way and this house is beginning to feel like a home.

So back to my little blog on the word "home"....

When I think of "home", I think of my hometown where my parents still live and then I think of Texas. Places that are familiar to me. The saying, "home is where the heart is", brings great comfort to me, especially when I don't feel like I am in a familiar place. My heart's home is with God and He is everywhere I am! This makes facing changes so much more bearable and enjoyable...He will be there to greet me and surprise me!

I have had a great many surprises already during the last three weeks of this move, small little miracles that bring peace to a whirlwind of activity. I am trying to teach this to my children, though they don't always see it the way I am trying to teach them...but it will come and they are finding comfort in the familiar as we unpack boxes and toys are found and old ones instantly become long lost loved treasures.

The husband was able to come home to the smells of supper cooking and remarked that is was starting to smell like a home...a familiar smell brings joy and comfort. Cooking and cleaning bring a strange comfort to me as well, making a house a home...a place of rest and renewing.

We can find all of this with God if you spend some time with HIM. He promises to bring rest to the weary, food to the hungry, and to renew a right spirit within us! The joy and peace comes from the quite moments spent in reflection and prayer. If you find yourself far from home, stop and sit and listen to the small voice calling you homeward, you will find your true home; a home that is never farther then the words..Father, hear me!!

This Texan is finding that a different state is not all that different as long as I have my heart centered on its true home! ( of course it is still summer time!) My prayer for you is that you are able to find your true home and that it is never far from you.

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember Freedom is not free; Jesus died for your eternal freedom and many young men and women have died for your mortal freedoms!

God bless America and America bless God!

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