Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Last Leg

The last drop from my filled cup is gone, yet not forgotten.

Funny how we painfully savor some things and others we cannot seem to devour fast enough.

That is how my last month has been. Painful and joyous and at moments almost unreal. Even now as I sit and try to write, tears are trying to fill my eyes and spill out. It has been rough and long and I am tired.

Bob's mom made it through surgery with flying colors and has started the last leg of chemo treatments. We have been informed that this leg will be harder, more intense, and at the end, she should be on her way to remission!! We just have to finish this last leg....and it is proving to be harder and more intense...prayers would be appreciated!!

At the same time, my husband and I feel like we are on that last leg too! Still have not sold the house in Texas or the cabin, and have had to make the decision to move again as we are not able to buy the current home we have been renting.

Right now I would like to give praise to all those women in the military who move for living!!! My hat goes off to you!

Why is it the last leg of any race or adventure is always the hardest, yet will be the most rewarding?? I remember doing a half-marathon with TEAM IN TRAINING with my sisters in honor of our oldest sister. The last two miles were brutal!! I am an asthmatic and my lungs were not happy at mile 11, however I refused to use my inhaler because all I could think about was the last week of my sister's life and how she fought so hard.... I could fight too! My sister, Janice, understood. She stayed right next to me with inhaler in hand, cheering me on and as my foot crossed the finish line put the inhaler in by mouth...I will never forget that!! Finishing that race is one of the highlights of my life!! (My little sister, Jennifer, finished before me, however we later learned that she had broke the top of her foot during the race because her shoes were tied to tight!)

The ending is where my focus is, not fighting through the pain...because the most rewarding part is still yet to come!

The truth is that the MOST REWARDING is yet to come!! Heaven awaits!!

But for now, the most wonderful shades of green are helping me to push forward and finish. Life is awakening again and the banner is waving in the distance...marking the finish line!!

I pray that were ever life has you on this journey, you take a moment and breathe, look around and watch for the signs of the ONE who is cheering you on to the finish line!! You might just be surprised at how loud HE is cheering!!

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