Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seeking Peace

Well for starters we have great news...Mary, my mother-in-law has been told that she is in REMISSION!!!!! Shouts of joy!! She finished all 6 rounds of chemo, surgery (twice) and an infection during the last 7 has been a long hard road, but God has been faithful and souls have been changed!! She will not need to have blood work done now for three months and then six months and so on...

My father's health issue is clearing itself up nicely as well...all tests came back negative and no further testing was required! More shouts of joy!!

Which leads me to my journey here in Minnesota and my year of ACTION...

As I posted earlier, we are moving again in August. We found a house to lease last week and will be moving in three weeks time. I am going to become quite busy and wanted to put down in words what God has been showing me...

Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Jeremiah 29:7

I know most of you will catch the last part and wonder if I feel like I am in exile...let me assure that is not the case, a little lost at times but not in exile.. : )

God did however carry us here and to the house we are moving to...He mostly wants me to seek peace here while He is refining us....

This is what I am struggling with...I long for what was, the past, my Egypt so to speak..

Just like the Israelites wandering in the desert...all of sudden Egypt didn't seem so was more "comfortable", more familiar...even if they were slaves!

And that is what my husband and I had become, slaves to a world view...and let me tell you it is not fun, but learning the TRUTH is not easy either...however there is so much more promise in the TRUTH then there is in the world.

So I am learning to seek peace and prosperity in this land...and it is not the world view of peace and prosperity!!

Peace comes in the form of laughter, sunsets, sunrises and good doctor reports. Prosperity is seen in birthday celebrations, sitting down for dinner, and seeing God's provision in all things!!

With each stop in the 40yr travels of the Israelites, a lesson was taught and a test given..So many lessons have been learned and I believe the testing has stay tune, God has amazing things planned for us!!

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