Saturday, August 28, 2010

Unpacked and still Trusting

So most of the boxes have been unpacked and what is not will remain that way!! Thanking God for unfinished basements!!

We have successfully moved all of Bob's office here to Minnesota, and that is a project that will be started next week...hopefully I will not fall into a filing cabinet drawer!! (Trust me I have fallen into much stranger things.)

God is still doing a mighty work here and we are trusting more and more everyday in HIS divine timing, though I will admit that I don't always agree with it or understand it...but that is the trick about trusting, you trust even when you don't understand!

Here are some photos of the "finished project" of moving....

Thanks again for all your prayers, I could not stand, much less walk with out God's grace and support from my friends!!

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  1. Wow such a beautiful home! You are now my next door neighbor as I am in Wisconsin. Holy moly this will be your first northern winter. I do hope it goes gentle on you!

    I will be sure to come back and visit! I too put my boxes in the basement. Got lots of exercise when I got around to finishing up the unpacking. That was 17 years ago but seems like yesterday.

    Love to you and your new home!
    Grandma Patty Ann


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