Saturday, November 13, 2010

Storms, Scars, and Healing

It is crazy snowing outside, but there is not a sound to be heard..

The peace in the storm.

Life is like that isn't it? Storms come in the quite and we are taken off guard. We wake and find that the world is not like it was when we went to bed. Even when you are aware of the approaching storm, you are still taken by surprise.

Then there are the storms that just refuse to go unnoticed and leave deep marks(scars) so that their destruction is never forgotten.

Sin is a storm raging wild, sometimes quietly and sometimes brazenly, always leaving scars.

Scars as a reminder not to travel that way again. Scars bearing witness for the forgiven to share the good news. Scars that paid the ransom for my life.

Jesus bore the sin of the world so that we may live. My scars are the reason HE has his. HIS scars have saved me!!

I get lost in the storm and forget the peace of HIM who has set me free. I allow the storm to overwrite the scars that will never be overwritten. I believe the lie that the storm will may not pass, and if it does pass, the damage will be to severe to begin again.

The snow helps me remember that HE washes all things white as snow!!

Watching the world come alive after the rain does the same thing!!

Are you in a storm right now? Look for the washing and believe!!

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