Friday, February 26, 2010

Building of a Temple

In the building of the temple, only blocks dressed at the quarry were used, and NO HAMMER, CHISEL OR ANY OTHER IRON TOOL WAS HEARD at the temple site while it was being built. 1Kings 6:7

Have you ever been to a construction site? The noise is almost unbearable!! So think about this verse for a moment.

It took seven years to build the temple, and there was not a sound of hammer, chisel or other iron tool at the building site!!

This astounds me.

During this Season of Lent, when we are focusing on the magnitude of the CROSS, I am struck by this quietness. This absence of modern day tools. This great reverence for the MOST HOLY PLACE, that begins at the moment of construction.

And this quietness begs the question, if I am a temple for the MOST HOLY, am I allowing too much noise at the construction site?

The answer would have to be yes. The noise of jackhammers, saws, chisels and the like have taken residence in my being. Television, cell phones, computers, worry and fret have made themselves at home causing confusion
, exhaustion and doubt. All stealing the quietness and the calmness of rebuilding the temple. We live in a society of here and now, whatever will make the process quicker is what we are after. This of course is what the enemy has wanted all along, because with the modern day tools we drown out the STILL SMALL VOICE that is trying to give direction and speak LOVE.

Please don't miss understand me, these things are great tools when used in the correct places, at the quarry!!

Even Jesus went to the quiet places, leaving the crowds and the noise behind to commune with the FATHER.

Us getting away from the "quarry" for awhile.

We need more time away from the quarry and more time building in the quiet reverence of the MOST HOLY PLACE. I am still in awe of this verse...NO SOUND OF TOOLS at a construction site!! GOD works this way, in the silence, building HIS temple in us.

May you spend your weekend enjoying the silence at the construction site!

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