Monday, February 22, 2010

Stumbling on the Path

Well, it did not take long...I have already stumbled.

I have this bucket with all my "rocks" in it, and this weekend some of them started to fall out. One right after the next. I was successful, for a while, at picking them up and putting them back in. However by Sunday afternoon, I found myself sitting on the side of the road, in the dirt, crying over these "rocks" that would just not stay in the bucket.

A glimpse of beauty within all the "rocks"!

I really wasn't in the dirt, or on the side of the road, and I am not talking about real rocks.

What I am talking about is lack of faith. Trying to be in control. Not trusting in the ONE who knows how best to carry "rocks".

My husband's mom, Mary, lost her sister-in-law on Saturday and on Sunday, Mary was having unexpected surgery for a strangulated intestine...these were my rocks!!

So, when I say I was in the dirt on the side of the road...I was in despair and forgetting WHO really was in control the whole time!

Mary made it through surgery just fine, and will be given a "day pass" to attend the funeral later in the week.

I learned how to lean in better, and give over the "rocks" that I thought needed carrying.

Don't you have a bucket too??

The CROSS is where all buckets were emptied, once and for all. There really is no need to carry them around anymore, unless you are picking wild flowers....The power of the CROSS turns our "rocks" into wildflowers!!

So, I continue my WALK in FREEDOM with a few less rocks and a couple of wild flowers, hopefully by EASTER I will have a full bouquet!

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