Monday, January 11, 2010

On the mountain

We meet God on the mountain and not just at the top.

The whole journey up and back down, we are in the presence of God.

Currently, I am at the foot of the mountain. Examining the path and wondering exactly how long it is going to take to reach the peak. There is no answer, because our timing is not HIS timing.

So, I stare.

I know what I should do, and what needs to be done, but...

This is where my ACTION resolution meets my weakness..I am great at starting things, not so great at finishing them. Actually, that is the enemy talking to me because I have finished things, like a half marathon..I trained for months and then completed the race...{smile}

Thank you for that memory.

Back to the mountain, the only way to ascend is to start walking, one step at a time, one prayer at a time.

And God has invited me to this mountain, to meet HIM there, why wouldn't I want to run up the mountain? Because climbing is hard and dirty and it takes energy and, I can complain alot...

So I stare.

Have you found yourself looking up a mountain, that God HIMSELF has invited you to climb, and instead of climbing just stood there? I say invited, because HE is a gentle God and HE awaits our answer to HIS call.

I am reading the OLD TESTAMENT and am currently in Exodus...I am relating to the Israelites, more than I would like to admit. I am at the mountain, and there is loud trumpets, lightning and thunder, and God is there to meet me...I am afraid. I will be changed even if I just stay at the foot of the mountain. The amount of change, will depend on how far I am willing to go up the mountain. But, wasn't I invited? So why am I scared of the change?

I have grown comfortable in my skin, too comfortable really. I need change. The problem is that I don't want to have to do the work. The enemy again.. as with all things, the first step is always the hardest..

On a side note, Bob's mom will start chemo tomorrow; three rounds and then surgery and then three more rounds...please keep her in your prayers as she has her own mountain to climb...

Pictures from a trip to Hawaii

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