Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Small Voice in the Storm

Cloudy with a chance of wintry mix...rain/sleet/snow.

These are the days to curl up and read, write or watch a great movie..but they also represent the perfect scenario for the enemy to come and lay claim in your mind.

During this season of clouds and freezing rain, the roads turn icy in a moments notice, you have to be on guard. We should be the same in our faith walk..let me try and explain what I mean.

The enemy slips in unnoticed, with just a wondering thought, then that thought demands more attention and we give it, usually without a second thought as to what lie we are actually being told. Then, without much warning that small wondering thought has actually become a stronghold and we label IT as who we are, how we are, it is automatic, part of us...

Unlike the weather, this does not happen instantly, but over time. The enemy starts young..I am watching the battle begin in my own daughter and am trying to call what IT is at the start so that IT does not make permanent residents in her mind!

I speak as a solider who has fought those battles and still does. IT is the lies of the enemy. Lies that tell us we are unworthy, worthless, ugly, unsuccessful, and the list goes on...

When our season of life has turned cloudy and rainy, the lies seem to be louder and stronger and become more deadly. DO NOT give in to the lies (I am repeating that to myself)! Why is that do you think? Why when things are not so sunny and happy it is so much easier to fall for the lies? Has GOD changed?

The answer is no, GOD has not changed, we have just forgotten.

We have forgotten that HE has rescued us, died for us, and has set us free! We have forgotten the love HE has for us. We have simply forgotten to be still and know WHO has created us.

GOD is in the clouds, the wind, and the rain (frozen or not) speaking in a still small voice....quiet your (mine too) hearts and minds and listen to the TRUTH, for that TRUTH will set you free!


  1. Great post- not just any truth - His Truth- thanks for posting, 'those lies...' 'settle in' especially when the weather gets worse.
    Thanks for this reminder. That's when our character is truly tried, not when life is easy. Thanks again- blessings to you and yours-

  2. What a great post. Good for you, training your daughter early to recognize the battle! I wish someone would have taught me years ago.


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