Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Decision to Move

So I guess I should back up a bit and give a little more information about the big move...

It all started when I married a man from Minnesota, who happened to be living in the time his two children were six and three, so he was not leaving any time soon...time has passed however and those children are now twenty and seventeen! Thus the move back home to Minnesota; and my story begins..

I will try to not bore you with the "moving" details, only those that have transformed the ordinary into divine learning. And I will try not to get up on the soap box that has a tendency to find itself under my feet!

The first lesson is that once you say "yes" to a prompting from God, be ready ... He moves loving husband announced he was ready to move back to Minnesota in mid January and the house was on the market February 1; found a new home by the end of February; and am now moving 2 days after school lets out....Did I mention the house has not sold yet?

I feel like an Israelite when Moses said we are leaving and the next thing they were crossing the Red Sea...the Red River in my case! It took alot of trust and knowing God was in front leading the trust meter has been running on overtime lately and I have found great peace in reading the Exodus...So I am trusting, believing and expecting great things in the next few weeks...stay tune and I will let ya know the miracles that occur!

If we are willing and open, lives little adventures turn into spiritual transformations and the world has become your classroom..."remember to pay attention in the classroom, because some field trips are just not ones we want to go on!"-Beth Moore

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