Friday, June 5, 2009

More background stuff...

I feel like I am not flowing very well with my thoughts, but I feel like I am trying to catch you up on so much bare with me!

Miracles...people don't seem to think they happen any more or that we create are own...I totally disagree with both ideas. Miracles happen everyday, you just need to looking and listening for them...which means you need to be in a relationship with the ONE who is the MIRACLE WORKER..JESUS! I just might have lost a few readers with that sentence, but I truly hope you stick around....

My miracles:
New House: heated floors (remember I am a Texan who is always barefoot); dog shower in laundry room..we have two large dogs who love the water; space for an apartment either in detached garage or in the basement for when Bob's mom is ready; fixtures and electronic equipment that we picked out for the house we built in Texas already in place in the new house

I know some of you are saying, okay so what is the big deal...little gifts from God are miracles and in each room of this house there was a little gift...HIS fingerprints were every where!!

Teenage step daughter: totally hates the idea that we are moving (she is staying with her mom to finish out her senior year); miracle is that this has opened new levels of communication not only with her, but also between my husband and myself...lessons in faith and trust are a plenty!!

Friends: some are in disagreement, some are supportive; however it has caused me to look to Jesus more than man/woman for today's world that equals a miracle!!

God's ways are not our ways: He has given me eyes to see HIS way in a much clearer view! I really do love my new eyes!! Though, there are times I would prefer the straight upfront route..but then not everyone who is suppose to be blessed would more eye check ups to come!

Quite Peace: this is my biggest miracle...really I have been at peace about so many things and assured that the decisions made have been right and best...when you are in a true, life transforming relationship with GOD the quite peace is sometimes to much to take truly is emotionally overpowering, in a good way! I pray that you experience this, especially in today's world which is so unsettling!

May the Peace of Lord be with you today and always!

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  1. Hey! Welcome to blogland! I'm glad things are going well for you. We are getting ready ourselves to put our house up for sale in a few weeks. It is rather scary but we'll make it. We move often but this is first time we've had a home to sell.


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