Monday, June 8, 2009

Whispers in the wind

Today was a better day, thank goodness for New Mercies every morning!!

The wind has been blowing all day, a gentle breeze really...nice in Texas when temps are already reaching in the mid nineties. But there was something special about the breeze today...

Today, as I closed by eyes and was present in the moment, the breeze came across my face and I heard a whisper...very soft and faint; you had to really be present to hear said "I am here, find rest in me." At that moment, the breeze blowing, the birds singing, the earth quite...I heard the whisper and I rested.

I hope that you find rest in the ONE who says that HIS yoke is light; rest from the ONE who gives it to the weary and down trodden...stop for a moment and be present and listen for the whisper on the wind, and find REST IN HIM, Christ Jesus!

Blessing to you and yours this peaceful summer evening.

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  1. I'm glad you told me about your blog. I've added it to my reader and am so glad to follow you to Minnesota :) Keep writing!


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