Monday, October 4, 2010

There is ALWAYS a choice

I would love to say, that when my sister passed away, a hallelujah chorus came streaming from my lips because of her triumphant entrance into the heaven realms. But that would be a lie.

The truth is, I didn't want to leave the church because that would mean it was real and I really didn't want it to be real. Nobody ever does.

I think that is a struggle for some in the Christian faith. The teachings of everlasting life (eternal life) gets confused with life everlasting (immortal life). We really want life everlasting, that way no one has to say good-bye. That is not what is promised though. Everlasting life is so much bigger and better than the here and is just hard to get to that understanding in the midst of losing someone.

It takes time to get from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.

However, some people don't get past the incredible disappointment of Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday). They stay angry at GOD for allowing such tragedy to happen and they leave HIS side and the healing is not allowed to take place.

This is the choice. One I had to demonstrate immediately to my husband's family after my sister died.

My wonderful husband took me away to our cabin in Minnesota days after the funeral. The quite of the woods in winter was a healing balm.

My husband lost his Dad in 1993 and his Mom was still angry. Even though my wounds were still so fresh, I knew GOD was asking me to show them (her) there was another way to respond to loss.

You see, we have an advantage over the disciples...we know all about Easter Sunday and we can claim that immediately!! So, I did that week. I never let any regret leave my mouth, only praise!! Was it easy? No. Did it help? Yes, and it helped me too!! Nothing like praise to take the sting out of death!

Claim the good news of Christ crucified, died and buried, and who rose again to everlasting life!! The victory is ours, claim it today and everyday!!

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